Day 1 of #100artsydays

Challenges are a popular phenomenon in the land of social media.  Hashtags such as #alsicebucketchallenge, #100happydays and #30daysofgettingmyasskickedbyyoga can be seen all over your favorite social media medium.  Whether it’s to raise awareness or to keep one accountable, everyone likes a good challenge. In that spirit and inspired by #edmchallenge (no, not electronic dance music challenge) I’m starting an #100artsydays challenge.  Artists, inspiring artists, people who are bored, feel free to join me! Though I don’t think hashtags quite work on WordPress….

Ground Rules

  1. Do something artsy (that part of the hashtag is pretty self-explanatory) and HASHTAG IT or add the tag 100artsydays in the post. “Artsy” is up for interpretation.  I’ll most likely focus on drawing.
  2. The days should be continuous.  Though if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere, I think it’s okay to skip a day or few.
  3. Have to finish 100 piece, even if it take 1000 days.
  4. You can use the list provided from the EDM challenge linked above (again, not the electronic dance music, though making a kool kandi could count as an art piece), or make up your own art assignment.
  5.  TBD. I’m making this up as I go.


Day 1: Draw something with wings.

Fat Panda With Chromatic Wings 09.01.2015
Fat Panda With Chromatic Wings 09.01.2015

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